Confused? ... Consider this simple guide to choosing a suitable stamp.

Which Stamp........?

Pad Stamps are the traditional rubber stamps that have to be used with a separate ink pad. These pads can be re-filled with ink if required.

Self-inking Stamps have an integral ink pad so they are cleaner and easier to use. The pads last for 1000's of impressions and can be replaced easily and cheaply.

Pre-ink Stamps have an ink impregnated die. They are the most expensive stamp but are ideal for high quality line art reproduction. They are also available in larger sizes than the self-inking versions, up to 95mm x 69mm.

Which Ink........?

Inks are available to suit almost any stampable surface. In most cases special ink application is best using a dry pad and a traditional pad stamp.

For glossy brochures, photo's etc a quick-drying ink is available. The ink in both self-inking and pre-inks can be used but can take sometime to dry.

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